Floor Preparation Services

Flooring Preparation Services

At Auckland Floor Prep, we truly do it all when it comes to flooring preparation services.

Whether you are installing new flooring, making repairs, or renovating, floor preparation is an essential part of the process. This important step ensures the sub-floor on which you’ll be installing your new flooring is smooth, level and ready to receive your new floor coverings, whether that may be carpet, tiles, vinyl, hardwood, laminate wood flooring or any other type of flooring.

By carrying out the correct surface preparation, you decrease the chances of facing floor-related issues or failures in the future. Without thorough preparation, problems can arise soon after repair or replacement work is done, significantly increasing the cost of your project. This could include cracking or buckling of your flooring, bonding failures or moisture issues. Using the experts at Auckland Floor Prep can help you to avoid problems like these.

What is Flooring Preparation?

Flooring preparation involves the prepping of an existing floor (either timber or concrete slab) for the addition of new flooring on top. We use this process to solve both aesthetic and structural problems. On the appearance side, proper surface preparation ensures the finished flooring sits level and looks great. In terms of structure, surface preparation helps the new flooring to bond securely to the sub-floor so it will last for years to come.

Old glue residue and/or underlay first needs to be ground away and any high spots on the floor removed. Dips and low spots must be filled in and the surface should be made smooth and level to ensure proper bonding with the new floor coverings. It is crucial to have the right preparation completed before installing new flooring.


Why use our surface Preparation services?


It might sound counterintuitive, but our services can actually save you money in the long run. Don’t ignore this step, because flooring failures or moisture issues could cost you time and money in the future.


You can think of our services like an insurance policy. You’re paying ahead of time to cover potential costs in the future. Our experts will assess the condition of your sub-floor and determine what preparatory steps are necessary before you install your new floor coverings or make further repairs.


We are Here to Help

Are you renovating and looking to install new flooring? Or are you experiencing some floor issues? Contact the flooring experts at Auckland Floor Prep today! We offer comprehensive floor preparation and floor uplifting services depending on your needs. We also work with trusted teams of expert floor layers with whom we have built strong professional relationships, should you also need us to arrange for your new flooring to be installed.

No matter what service we provide, we’ll always offer the best solutions available to make sure everything goes smoothly.