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Gallery of flooring Projects

Floor Preparation and Levelling

This was one of our first big commercial projects and has been completed flawlessly. We were contacted at the beginning of Auckland’s Level 3 lockdown with an urgent request to help keep this site on track for timber and cabinetry installations. On day one we entered to grind the apartments and apply our moisture barrier in preparation for levelling. On day two we returned with the team to pour and were finished before 11 am to allow the compound the day to dry and to be ready for installations the following day. Currently, we are in discussion with Naylor Love about continuing our service through the remaining levels of the sky rise requiring levelling.

Flooring Uplift and underlay

This was a massive 120sqm uplift of tiles, tile and slate underlay and to top it all off a net of underfloor heating through it all. We started this job on a Thursday with the goal to have everything ready for the team at Artifex flooring by Monday. By 4 pm on Saturday, the substrate was mechanically clean and ready to go. Can’t thank the team enough for the commitment and dedication to meeting the deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Flooring Uplift and Preparation for Tiling

This job was an uplift for Hyundai in Wairau. We were contacted late notice about removing the flooring and preparing the substrate for tiling. We started early on a Saturday morning uplifting and mechanically cleaning the substrate during which we found a low point that would have held up the new tile installation. We applied our moisture barrier just before closing and returned on Sunday morning to apply levelling compound and keep all of the Monday scheduling on track.

Floor levelling and Preparation for laminate flooring

This floor was extremely unlevel and far from meeting flooring specifications for laminate floor covering. We ground the existing substrate clean, applied an epoxy based moisture barrier and on the next visit applied our primer before self-levelling the substrate.

Floor preparation and epoxy floor coating

Mapei floor finish, 2 coats. Final coat kitted with non slip foor additive for easy to clean food production area.

epoxy quartz system for commercial storeroom

This job was preparation for a commercial storeroom with heavy machinery including forklift use. We applied our epoxy quartz system to achieve a finish that was harder than concrete and could handle this type of work space.

flooring uplift and preparation for tiling

This was a large open living space with a laundry, entryway, and bathroom that needed to be uplifted and prepared for new tiles to be fitted. We were given a three-day time window to get this ready to go and after day two had the substrate mechanically clean and ready for the tiler.

flooring preparation for carpeting

Basic seam grind to achieve flat surface for carpet.